Supporting your immune system as essential to well being as a healthy diet exercise and restful sleep.  
Body Wise brings you the best of advanced science and ancient wisdom to support the complex network of cells that keeps your body healthy.
We're committed to helping you and your immune system!
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About AG Immune Exclusively by Body Wise International
The Body Wise Advantage

Body Wise sparked a revolution in 1989 by launching pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements that deliver optimal levels of superior quality nutrients at the cellular level to produce benefits you can feel.

Today we continue to enrich lives across the United States and Canada with advanced nutritional products scientifically formulated for energy, weight loss, immunity, sports performance, heart health and anti-aging.

See for yourself what a revitalizing difference Body Wise can make in your life.  With our 30 day money-back guarantee, there's no obligation.

Discover how optimal nutrition can help you look and feel your best!

Finest Ingredients, Optimal Levels
Uniquely formulated for potency-The vision to formulate nutritional supplements of superior quality and effectiveness began in 1989.  A team of doctors, clinical nutritionists and scientists created Body Wise supplements using the finest raw ingredients at optimal levels to produce benefits you can fee and see.

​FDA Licensed Manufacturing
Highest quality- Body Wise products are manufactured in a facility licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. That's rare in the nutritional supplement industry.  I means that AG Immune by Body Wise follows strictest criteria for purity and potency. 
 Jacqueline Jacques, ND

A licensed naturopathic physician, product formulator and consultant to the natural product industry, Dr. Jacqueline Jacques empowers people to live healthier lives. Her ability to explain complex nutrition issues in an easy to understand way, along with her energy and enthusiasm, makes her a popular public speaker.

Dr. Jacques is an internationally respected lecturer on women’s health and obesity. She serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the Obesity Action Coalition and wrote the book Micronutrition for the Weight Loss Surgery Patient.

As a board member of the Samueli Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of California in Irvine, she works to bring patients 21st Century health care that combines the best of medical science and nutrition.
Cynthia H. Browne, MD
Dr. Browne is a board certified radiation oncologist with a special interest in nutritional medicine. A member of the Nutritional Advisory Board for Cancer Treatment Center of America, her approach to health is holistic, blending high-tech medical science with lifestyle, diet and nutritional supplement recommendations for improved patient care.
David A. Grant, M.D., F.A.C.S.
After a distinguished career as a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Grant founded La Forme Chic to offer nutrition and non-invasive solutions for face care and body contouring. Looking for better ways to treat his own allergies, Dr. Grant discovered and recommends Body Wise products for immune system support and respiratory health.
Suzette Huenefeld, M.D.
Dr. Suzette practices integrative medicine that combines nutrition with her experience in internal medicine and psychiatry. Board certified by the American Board of Family Practice, she is a highly motivated, energetic person who loves Body Wise products because of the integrity, quality and results she has seen in her patients and herself.
Eleanor Hynote, M.D.
A board certified internist, Dr. Hynote is Founder and Medical Director of Phoenix Wellness Group. As an early advocate of integrative medicine, she trained with Dr. Andrew Weil in botanical medicine at Columbia University in New York. Her approach to health care blends nutrition and other therapies with the best of Western medicine.
Yadu Moharir, Ph.D.
An analytical chemist with over 30 years of scientific experience, Dr. Moharir brings a deep understanding of the beneficial properties of botanicals to his formulations of over 100 nutritional products. As assistant professor at McMaster Medical College in Canada, he played a key role in developing 50 new methods to evaluate product quality control.
David Wolfson, N.D.
A naturopathic physician, researcher and writer, Dr. Wolfson is an in-demand product formulator with decades of experience as an advisor to the nutritional supplement industry. His lively, engaging style makes physiology, nutrition and botanical medicine come alive as he educates patients and future generations of naturopath.